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Cards application will help you to leave most of your plastic discount and loyalty cards at home. List of key features (exactly the same as in Cards Free but without Ad):1. Contrary to similar products available, the software is very straightforward and simple, does not require registration/subscription and Internet connectivity to work. 2. Functionality of scanning barcodes is embedded, thus you will not be asked to download another 3rd party barcode scanning product to do the work.3. You can have cards with and without code, which no longer limits you to just cards with barcodes. 4. You can also enter card information manually or using embedded OCR engine (currently supported OCR languages are English, Ukrainian and Russian).5. All your data can be conveniently exported to and imported from favorite cloud (like Google Drive or Dropbox).6. You can share cards with your colleagues using popular clouds or simply as email attachment or file.
Note: not all commercial barcode scanners can read from smartphones screens. Most of new ones do, but please keep this note in mind when dealing with discount or loyalty card virtualization for the first time.
* How to delete my item (card or category): long click on item -> confirmation dialog.
* How to share my card(s): long click on "+" button of main application screen activates sharing mode -> button changes to "sharing" -> you can select one or many cards to share -> pressing share button initiates sharing process and you will be returned to main application screen automatically once it's done.
* How to export all my cards data: please navigate to Settings (rightmost button of main application screen) and click Export...
This application is using:
* Awesome barcode scanning library
* Simple yet powerful OCR engine